Innovating the In-store Experience for Convenience Retail

C-StorePoint brings together Convenience Retail and Supplier executives to discuss innovation for the in-store experience, interior design, merchandising, fixturing, equipment and foodservice. Suppliers’ management teams will connect with Convenience Retail Executives intent on finding innovations and best practices in a variety of settings designed to improve their business and to expand their business partnerships. Now more than ever, valuable connections, learning and innovation will provide resources for a successful future.

C-StorePoint planned to take place in Bonita Springs, FL September 20-23, 2020 has been cancelled. Amid the challenging circumstances arising from COVID-19, it has become clear that hosting C-StorePoint in person this September is not possible.     

We are pleased to offer C-StorePoint Virtual,  online to provide you with connections and insight, scheduled for October 6-7th.  To receive information on the virtual experience, please click here.

C-StorePoint 2020 Cancellation Notice