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C-StorePoint’s cutting-edge Event brings together top Retail Executives responsible for everything from in-store experiences to merchandising to food service alongside pioneering Suppliers seeking to expand their business relationships.

Our Event draws attendees with diverse responsibilities, including lighting, refrigeration, equipment, and in-store design—covering all items in a store that can be taken apart or moved and providing attendees with comprehensive insights into this dynamic industry.

At C-StorePoint, Executives and Suppliers will network while still having fun—all in just 2.5 days. Take advantage of the opportunity to attend one of the industry’s most productive and fulfilling events. Join us at C-StorePoint today.

CAP Fixtures

“C-Store provides an opportunity to meet and develop the long-term relationships that are the foundation for creating new opportunities. The personal time together we realize at this event is very difficult to achieve in our regular day-to-day existence, yet crucial to developing the trust necessary to work together.”

–CAP Fixtures, Vice President of Sales

Extramile Convenience Stores

“C-Store Point has been the most effective venue to source new suppliers and gain industry insights. If I attend only one venue in a year, this is my first choice.”

– Extramile Convenience Stores
Construction and New Site Development Manager

Fenyx Technology Solutions, Inc.

“We can meet with and build more relationships in four days at C-StorePoint than we can in two years on the road.”

– Fenyx Technology Solutions, Inc.
Sales Director

Parker’s Kitchen

“The event is wall-to-wall valuable content. It makes it so much easier to build industry relationships and build a deep bench of qualified suppliers.”

– Parker’s Kitchen
Procurement & Supply Chain Manager

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