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Jajolla Sea Cave Tours

Optional Touring Activity Individual Sponsorship

Jajolla Sea Cave Tours

Our expert kayak guides will provide you with a private tour of the La Jolla marine protected area, one of the most unique and diverse stretches of California coast. Guests will experience the thrill of kayaking on the Pacific Ocean, learn about the natural and human history of the area, look for marine wildlife, explore the reefs, cliffs, and caves of the area, and enjoy jokes and tall tales with their guides. No previous experience is required. We’ll gather for a continental breakfast and check in at 8:30am. We will depart the hotel at 9:00am and return by 2:00pm. Picnic Box lunch included after tour! You will get wet! Pre-registration required.

Sorry, but the Jajolla Sea Cave Tours is closed. Please contact Gail Garrison to be put on the waitlist.