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#9 Values to Inspire Success


Keep the HealthPoint experience unique and special.

  • Be Present ~ be open, listen, engage, take part.
  • Be Respectful ~ of each other, mindful of personal space/time, schedule differences.
  • Be Positive ~ candid, forthright and thoughtful. Smile, too
  • Be Safe ~ Pace yourself, know your limits, have fun.

See you soon!

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact Ellen Kelly with any questions or concerns.
Ellen Kelly
Direct 603-379-8523 | Main (603) 964-4022

#8 Scheduling Tool and Mobile App


Task Description Scheduling Tool
Mobile App
Pre-Event Use
  • View your Company’s Preliminary Schedule and confirmed One-on-One appointments.
  • Use the same login you created for the Event Portal to access the Mobile App.
Check Available
Manage Double Booking Settings
  • Manage your Company’s interest in single or double booking One-on-One appointments.
  • If you have two or more attendees, you may double book a time slot by scheduling up to two One-on-One meetings in the same time slot.
  • Changes can be made through the settings tab of the Scheduling Tool.
Manage Automated Email Recipients
  • Manage who, from your onsite team, receives automated emails regarding schedule changes and One-on-One appointment requests.
Update Boardroom Questions
  • Ask specific questions of the Executives in your Boardroom presentation (this is a digital questionnaire).
  • Changes can be made through the settings tab of the Scheduling Tool starting Monday, September 23rd, at 7am.
One-on-One Requests
  • The week before HealthPoint, your Company will be able to accept/decline additional One-on-One requests made by Executives.
  • At noon (MT) on Saturday, September 21st, your Company will be able to send additional One-on-One requests.
Check Check
Add/View Notes
  • Input your notes/next steps from a Boardroom or One-on-One meeting.
  • Also allows for general Event notes.
  • All notes can be emailed to you.
Check Check
View Boardroom Results
  • Health Care Executives will rate your Boardroom presentation and will be responding to your digital questionnaire after each of your Boardroom presentations.
  • View your average rating and comments given as well.
  • View real time Overall Event Averages through the Scheduling Tool.
Check Check
Peer Meeting Requests
  • Schedule to meet with any of your fellow Suppliers between your Boardroom presentations.
  • Scheduling must be completed through the Scheduling Tool, however your confirmed meetings can also be viewed on the mobile app.
Check View scheduled meetings only


Scheduling Tool (website):

  • In Part 2 of registration, your Company made 5 One-on-One appointment requests. Health Care Executives also made requests.
  • CPMG has and will continue to book all appointments for which a Health Care Executive confirms.
  • CPMG respectfully requests that Suppliers refrain from reaching out to Health Care Executives to schedule One-on-One appointments, as the Health Care Executives have asked us to manage their schedules.
  • Your schedule is currently in read only mode. The week before HealthPoint, (February 5-9) your Company will be able to accept/decline additional One-on-One requests made by Executives.

Mobile App (Search CPMG Connect! in the App Store or Google Play):

  • Your company is allowed 5 outgoing requests at any time. As soon as one request is answered, you can make another.
  • Your onsite team will receive a notifications regarding schedule requests, responses, etc.
  • There are approximately 8-9 One-on-One meeting times each afternoon, Monday and Tuesday.
CPMG Connect!
Please update to the latest version, if you have attended a previous Event.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Ellen Kelly with any questions or concerns.
Ellen Kelly
Direct 603-379-8523 | Main (603) 964-4022

#7 Shipping and Order Forms


Room Drop Form

– Deadline: 9/13/19
  • If you have an item to offer the Chain Executives that demonstrates your product offerings, consider doing a room drop
  • We have received feedback from Executives that less is more and that the item’s focus should be a business one.
  • Check with Ellen Kelly or Ben Morse prior to purchasing items as some hotels have strict guidelines around what can be room dropped.
  • Be conscious of the weight and size of your item.
  • Delivery fees apply.


Shipping Form

– Deadline: 9/19/19 Form must be submitted before items are received by hotel.
  • If you plan to ship literature, materials, or room drop items to the hotel, keep in mind:
    • The hotel cannot store large items.
    • Shipments should arrive on or after September 19 – no earlier or storage fees will apply.
    • Avoid Saturday deliveries – extra charges will apply and not all Hotels are setup to receive Saturday deliveries.


Food & Beverage in Boardrooms Form

– Deadline: 9/13/19
  • HealthPoint provides light snacks/refreshments throughout the day.
  • If you would like to provide the Executives with food or beverages in your Boardroom meetings, those items need to be arranged for/purchased directly with the hotel.
  • Make arrangements by contacting Romina Tehrani at
  • All orders are subject to approval by CPMG.
  • The hotel does not permit outside food and beverage in the Boardrooms or One-on-One meeting area.


Audio Visual Form

– Deadline: 9/11/19 To receive a 20% discount.
  • If you require anything other than what we provide in your Boardroom and One-on-One location (i.e. digital screen, TV, etc.), you may order those items through our Audio/Visual Partner, Commco Productions.
  • If you have specific questions, please call CommCo Productions at (407) 494-5587.


Please don’t hesitate to contact Ellen Kelly with any questions or concerns.
Ellen Kelly
Direct 603-379-8523 | Main (603) 964-4022

#6 Pre-Event Outreach and Contact Details


Pre-Event Outreach:

One of the differentiators of HealthPoint is that the One-on-One meetings are mutually agreed upon meetings that are set utilizing the ConnectingPoint technology (Mobile App/Scheduling Tool).  Additionally, the Social Events are intimate in nature which give ample opportunity for Suppliers and Executives to get to know each other on a more personal level. We kindly request participating Suppliers follow our Event process and avoid reaching out to the Executive Audience on your own prior to HealthPoint.

Pre-event outreach to the confirmed Health Care Audience is highly discouraged and adds confusion on the part of the Executives.

Contact Details:

Be sure to request business cards and exchange contact information whenever the opportunity arises! CPMG is not permitted to share the contact information of our Executives. Please keep that in mind as your team prepares for the Event and remember to bring plenty of business cards!

You are now part of an exciting community!  You are a thought leader in the industry and as such, think about your contribution and level of engagement. Your Event experience will be made richer and more rewarding by participating in all aspects of the Event. There is opportunity around every corner when you engage 100%.  We truly believe this will positively impact your team’s overall Event Experience.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Ellen Kelly with any questions or concerns.
Ellen Kelly
Direct 603-379-8523 | Main (603) 964-4022

#5 Displaying Marketing Materials



  • All visual aids used during your presentation must comply with the following requirements:
    • Easily assembled and disassembled within the allotted time.
    • Fits through a standard doorway.
    • Easily transportable/storable – Your team is responsible for moving and storing materials between presentations.
    • Please note: your presentation rooms may be located across the resort from each other.
  • The tables and chairs may not be re-arranged within the Boardroom.
  • Nothing should be hung or attached to walls, tables or chairs.
  • Should your team require special arrangements for your marketing materials, please contact Ellen Kelly as soon as possible.
  • If your visual aids require power, please bring your own power cords as those are not provided.

One-on-One Location

  • Printed with your Company Name and a location number.
  • This space (8’x8’) is intended for private meetings with Health Care Executives rather than a place to exhibit.
  • This is not an area to display products.
  • All items must remain within your One-on-One space – this includes packaging used to ship your materials to the Event.
  • Free standing signage may be placed against the back or side walls, provided that all signs meet the following requirements:
    • Signage must remain within the black fabric walls of each location.
    • It may be no taller than the black fabric at any given point and must not block your neighbors’ One-on-One location.
  • Nothing should be hung or attached to structure/material.
  • CPMG reserves the right to remove any signage that does not comply with the requirements listed above.
  • Be considerate of your neighbors, refrain from loud music or audio demonstrations.
#5 display-1

Please don’t hesitate to contact Ellen Kelly with any questions or concerns.

Ellen Kelly

Direct 603-379-8523 |  Main (603) 964-4022  ●

#4 One-on-One Logistics


Monday and Tuesday afternoons are set aside for One-on-One meetings with Health Care Executives. Each Supplier Company has a designated area of their own to meet privately with Executives. This location also provides your team with an area that can be used when not in a Boardroom session.

  • Each meeting is 15 minutes in length.
  • There is a 5-minute transition time between meetings.
  • A message will prompt the end of one meeting and start of the next.


  • 8’ x 8’ Backdrop Unit
  • 30” Round Skirted Table
  • 4 Chairs
  • Power Strip (5amp/500 Watt)
  • IWireless Internet
  • If you require additional equipment in your One-on-One location, please order directly from CommCo Productions using the form found at this link: HealthPoint AV Form

Additional Tables

  • Additional tables for overflow meeting space are available throughout the One-on-One Space.
  • These tables are not assigned to a One-on-One location and may not be moved.
  • There is not an additional table for every One-on-One location; they are to be shared, then vacated as soon as your meeting is complete.

#4 1-1

Please don’t hesitate to contact Ellen Kelly with any questions or concerns.
Ellen Kelly
Direct 603-379-8523 | Main (603) 964-4022

#3 Boardroom Logistics



Each boardroom will include:

  • LCD projector (w/wireless remote and speakers)
  • Projector Screen
  • Wireless internet
  • HDMI and VGA cables

Additional Equipment:

  • Not included in your boardroom – laptops and additional power cords.
  • If you require additional equipment, order directly from our AV Provider, CommCo Productions using the form on this link: HealthPoint AV Form
  • IF you plan on bringing your own equipment, be sure to bring additional power/extension cords, as those are not provided.

Special Setup

  • If your presentation requires additional time to setup/breakdown or will require additional setup time from our AV Team, you may be subject to labor costs. Please speak with Ben Morse if you plan on using a special setup.

Equipment Notes

  • If your device does not have a VGA/HDMI connection, you are responsible for providing any/all necessary adapters, including:
    • IPads – an Apple iPad dock connecter
    • Apple laptops – VGA or HDMI adapter/”dongle” – The availability of this adapter cannot be guaranteed by CommCo, so please bring your own.
  • 16:9 widescreen format projection (build all presentations in widescreen format).


  • You will have 20 minutes to setup your Boardroom prior to your start time.
  • Boardroom presentations are 20 minutes (including Q&A).
  • We guarantee a minimum of 7 Chain Executives in each Group.
  • The Groups to whom you will present are comprised by matching your interests with those of the Health Care Executives.
  • You will not present to the same Group of Health Care Executives twice.


  • Layout varies, either U-shape (pictured below) or Conference Style
  • Want to see a demo Boardroom? Visit us onsite at Supplier Orientation! Stop by to meet a member of the CommCo team and test your laptop with the projector that will be used for your presentation(s).
  • healthpoint #3

Audio/Visual Support

  • An AV Technician will be assigned to a Boardroom area, and can provide technical assistance including:
    • Connecting to the LCD projector/wireless remote/speakers
    • Misc. technical support
  • A Group Leader will be assigned to each Boardroom and can provide assistance with timing and insight into Group dynamics.



  • What does your company do?
  • What differentiates you from your competition?
  • Try to avoid providing a full company history – 20 minutes goes by quickly!


  • Highlight your Company’s innovations!
  • Share tangible results: use case studies, highlight your expertise.
  • If a current customer is in the Boardroom and you would like to use them as a case study, their permission is necessary – please contact Sharmila prior to adding them to your presentation.
  • Include key industry data points that support your offerings (don’t drown them in statistics).
  • Articulate your understanding of the current challenges (if any) in your environment.
  • If possible, make your presentation interactive with the group.


  • Summarize key point(s).
  • Suggest next step.
  • Q&A needs to be covered in your 20 minutes.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Ellen Kelly with any questions or concerns.
Ellen Kelly
Direct 603-379-8523 | Main (603) 964-4022

#2 Hotel/Sunday Optional Activities


Hotel Accommodation- please be sure to book ASAP to ensure our reduced rate!

  • Please check first with your Company’s Event Contact to make sure your hotel reservation has been made. 
  • If not, please use the following link to book now and ensure you receive the discounted rate: HealthPoint Hotel Reservations
  • Cancellation Policy – Your reservation requires a two-night room and tax deposit to be collected at the time your reservation is made. This two-night deposit will apply to the first night of your stay and the last. Should you cancel your reservation in its entirety after August 9, 2019; the full two-night deposit will be forfeited. Should you change your reservation after August 9, 2019 to arrive later than what your original reservation was confirmed for; or depart sooner; the deposit paid for that first/last night will be forfeited.


  • Join Health Care Executives on Sunday, September 22 for the Blue Moon and Coors Brewery Tour.
  • The cost to participate is $250 per person. 
  • Space is limited and available on a first come, first served basis.  If interested, click here to register: HealthPoint Blue Moon & Coors Brewery Tour.
  • We recommend a Saturday night hotel stay.

Please refer to pages 21-22 in the HealthPoint Planning Guide for further information on these items.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Ellen Kelly with any questions or concerns.
Ellen Kelly
Direct 603-379-8523 | Main (603) 964-4022

#1: Welcome to the Event! Event Portal Details

Welcome to the Event!

We would like to formally welcome you as an attendee to HealthPoint 2019, to be held September 22-25 at the Gaylord Rockies Resort in Aurora, Colorado.

Ellen Kelly will be your Company’s main point of contact for the Event, providing logistic details, as well as guidance as your team prepares your strategy for the Event.

To cut down on the amount of email communication you are receiving, we have created a location in the Portal where we will make weekly posts of the information that was formerly the “Email Series”. New posts will be uploaded to the Portal on Mondays and/or Wednesdays – be sure to log in every few days to get the latest posts!

The series will cover:

  1. Welcome to the Event
  2. Hotel/Sunday Optional Activities
  3. Boardroom Logistics
  4. One-on-One Logistics
  5. Displaying Marketing Material
  6. Pre-Event Outreach & Contact Details
  7. Shipping & Order Forms
  8. Scheduling Tool & Mobile App
  9. Values to Inspire Success


As an attendee, you now have access to the HealthPoint 2019 Event Portal, which allows you to access the following:

  • TOOL BOX: Pre-Event Resources, including: Planning Guide, Hotel Link, Optional Activity Sign-Up Links.
  • SUPPLIER PLANNING SERIES: Posts #1-10 – a new Post will be added every Monday.
  • TRAVEL: Hotel, Ground Transportation and Dress Code information.
  • SCHEDULE: View your Preliminary Boardroom Schedule & any One-on-One appointments to date.
  • DIRECTORY: Executive and Supplier Confirmed Lists, and the Event Directory.
  • MAPS: Your One-on-One locations and Hotel map.


Event Portal URL:
Username: Your corporate email address.
Password: If you have not received the auto generated email to set your password, or have forgotten the password you have previously created click here: Forgot Password

Please don’t hesitate to contact Ellen Kelly with any questions or concerns.
Ellen Kelly
Direct 603-379-8523 | Main (603) 964-4022