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StorePoint Fresh—the premier Event for Senior-Level Retailers and innovative Suppliers in the grocery and supermarket industry!

StorePoint Fresh attracts Senior-Level Executives from grocery and supermarket chains among the top 25 in annual gross sales. We tailor the Event for business-intensive networking to allow Executives to review and evaluate products and services showcased by the Supplier audience, providing an ideal platform to review and evaluate the products and services presented by the Suppliers.

Experience the power of networking and innovation at StorePoint Fresh, the top conference for senior-level retailers and suppliers in the grocery and supermarket industry.

Fenyx Technology Solutions

“The number of productive meetings we are able to secure with the right people in two days would take more than a year on the road.”

– Fenyx Technology Solutions, Sales Manager

Henry, a Carlisle Company

“In 3 days, we connected with 30+ grocery chains that I’ve been cold calling or emailing for the past five years with no success. Best decision we’ve made in years.”

– Henry, a Carlisle Company, Director, National Accounts

Retail Business Services

“Simply no other event that allows for such rich dialogue between Suppliers and Retailers.”

– Retail Business Services, Vice President, Director, Indirect Sourcing Center of Excellence

US Foods Chef Store

“Exceeds all expectations; looking forward to staying connected with newly formed partners. ‘New possibilities, new growth!’”

– US Foods Chef Store, Vice President, Director, Facilities

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