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#3: Boardroom Logistics


  • Your boardroom will be available for set up approximately 20 minutes before your presentation.
  • Boardroom presentations are 20 minutes (including Q&A).
  • We guarantee a minimum of 7 Chain Executives in each Group.
  • The Groups to whom you will present are comprised by matching your interests with those of the Chain Executives.
  • You will not present to the same Group of Chain Executives twice.


  • Layout varies depending on the hotel and room size (U-shape or Conference Style table).
  • Each boardroom will include:
    • LCD projector (w/wireless remote and speakers)
    • Screen
    • Flip chart with markers
    • Wireless internet
  • Not included in your boardroom – laptops, tables and power cords.
  • If you require additional equipment in your Boardroom, order directly from CommCo Productions, our AV Provider.
  • Click here to print and complete the Audio Visual Form.
  • A demo Boardroom will be set up onsite during supplier orientation/badge & event material pickup.
    • Stop by to meet a member of the CommCo team and test your laptop with the projector that will be used for your presentation(s).

Audio/Visual Support

  • CommCo Productions is our Preferred AV Partner.
    • An AV Technician will be assigned to a Boardroom area, and can provide technical assistance including:
      • Connecting to the LCD projector/wireless remote/speakers
      • Misc. technical support
    • A Group Leader will be assigned to each Boardroom, and can provide assistance with:
      • Timing
      • Insight into Group dynamics

Equipment Notes

  • Laptops are not provided; you must supply your own.
  • Please bring any/all necessary adapters to connect your laptop to a VGA or HDMI connection for the projector.
    • IPads will need an Apple iPad dock connecter to VGA or HDMI adapter.
    • Apple laptops will need their VGA or HDMI adapter/”dongle” to hook up to projector.
      • The availability of this adapter cannot be guaranteed by CommCo.
  • 16:9 widescreen format projection (build all presentations in widescreen format).

Refer to pages 5 – 10 in the Planning Guide for further information on these items.

Please check out the TOOL BOX in the StorePoint Fresh Event Portal to check out the previous Email Series.


Please let John Hurley, our Sales Director, or Emily Wangler know if we can be of any assistance as you prepare for StorePoint Fashion 2018