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#1: Welcome to the Event!

Welcome to the Event!

We are excited that you will be joining us February 11-14 at the Omni Nashville in Nashville, TN for StorePoint Retail!

We will begin sharing our “Successful Planning Series” this week. The series focuses on each “Step” of Event preparation your team will encounter as you make your Event plans. Watch for these weekly as you consider your strategy for the Event. The series will cover:

    1. Welcome to the Event
    2. Hotel/Sunday Optional Activities
    3. Boardroom Logistics
    4. One-on-One Logistics
    5. Displaying Marketing Material
    6. Boardroom Presentation/Presenter
    7. Shipping & Order Forms
    8. Scheduling Tool & Mobile App
    9. Values to Inspire Success
    10. Onsite Event Details

Suppliers with the greatest success at our Events are those whose teams are involved in all phases of planning. This Planning Guide will provide you with additional insight into each and every aspect of the Event.

Don’t forget to follow StorePoint Retail on Twitter ((#spretail18) and LinkedIn for additional updates on the Event!

Please let John Hurley, our Sales Director, or Stacie Goddard know if we can be of any assistance as you prepare for StorePoint Retail 2018.