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#4: One-on-One Logistics

Monday and Tuesday afternoons are set aside for One-on-One meetings with Chain Executives. Each Supplier Company has a designated area of their own to meet privately with Executives. This location also provides your team with an area that can be used when not in a Boardroom session.


  • Each meeting is 15 minutes in length.
  • There is a 5 minute transition time between meetings.
  • A message will prompt the end of one meeting and start of the next.


  • 8’ x 8’ Backdrop Unit
  • 30” Round Skirted Table
  • 4 Chairs
  • Power Strip (5amp/500 Watt)
  • Wireless Internet
  • If you require additional equipment in your One-on-One location, please order directly from CommCo Productions.
  • Click here to print and complete the Audio Visual Form.

Additional Tables

  • Additional tables for overflow meeting space are available throughout the One-on-One Space.
  • These tables are not assigned to a One-on-One location and may not be moved.
  • There is not an additional table for every One-on-One location; they are to be shared then vacated as soon as your meeting is complete.

Refer to pages 11 – 14 of the Planning Guide for more information.

One-on-One Logistics

Please let John Hurley, our Sales Director, or Stacie Goddard know if we can be of any assistance as you prepare for StorePoint Retail 2018