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Advisory Board

The SupplyChainPoint Advisory Board is comprised of market leaders interested in lending their support and experience to shaping SupplyChainPoint for the industry's benefit. These influential supply chain and Supplier Executives lend their support, time, and input to the SupplyChainPoint format and participants.

We are grateful for their guidance and participation.

Arlance Jenkins
Vice President, Supply Chain
Hibbett Sports

Andy Rogers
Director, National Accounts
Rogers Electric

Robert Stutson, Jr.
Director, Omni Channel & Supply Chain Operations
The Exchange

The Advisory Board consists of Supply Chain Warehouse/DC Executives and Suppliers who will provide feedback and guidance and act as a sounding board for Connecting Point regarding the direction, evolution, and focus of the event. If you are interested in becoming a member of the SupplyChainPoint Advisory Board and would like to share your valuable experience, knowledge, and perspective to help shape the path and future of SupplyChainPoint by committing to the advisory board for a two-year stint, please contact Nancy Stevenson if you are a Supply Chain Warehouse/DC Executive or Colby Taylor if you are a Supplier.

  • Providing feedback/input for the Event
  • Reviewing and responding to email communications about SupplyChainPoint throughout the year – approximately three times annually.
  • Typically, meeting once annually for an afternoon/evening and a half day with the Board to discuss the Event’s proposed program and theme, speakers, Agenda, etc. Travel and hotel are provided for the Board meeting. The Advisory Board meeting to plan for the 2024 Event might be held virtually instead and would be a 2 hour zoom meeting.
  • Supporting the Event by referring peers/suppliers and by being a reference.
  • Participating in the Events during your term
  • Meeting during the Event over lunch
  • Be recognized in the Event directory, website and at the Closing Dinner at SupplyChainPoint.
  • Maintain confidentiality.
  • We ask that you not be on another Event’s Board during your SupplyChainPoint Board involvement.