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Advisory Board

The HealthPoint Advisory Board is comprised of market leaders interested in lending their support and experience in shaping HealthPoint for the benefit of the Industry. These influential Healthcare and Supplier Executives lend their support, time and input to the HealthPoint format and participants.

We are grateful for their guidance and participation.

Laura Marshall
Vice President/General Manager

Dominic Gratto
CVS Health
Senior Director, Construction

Sherri Rullen
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Senior Director of Planning Design & Construction

Mark Huxta
ECORE Commercial
Director of Sales, Healthcare

John Ellis
Intermountain Healthcare
Corporate Director Facilities Management

Dave Kistel
LEE Health
Vice President Facilities & Support Services

Jason Mueller
Medstar Health
Assistant Vice President Facility Development and Capital Planning

Evan Novak
Senior Manager, Commercial Sales

Noé Ramirez
Spur Design
Senior Healthcare Architect