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#8: Scheduling Tool and Mobile App

Task Description Scheduling Tool
Mobile App
Pre-Event Use
  • View your Company’s Preliminary Schedule and confirmed One-on-One appointments.
  • You will use your Company Email Address and the password you created for the Event Portal to log into the Scheduling Tool (Within Event Portal) or the Mobile App.
Check The week before the event.
Manage Double Booking Settings
  • Manage your Company’s interest in single or double booking One-on-One appointments.
  • If you have two or more attendees, you may double book a time slot by scheduling up to two One-on-One meetings in the same time slot.
  • Changes can be made through the settings tab of the Scheduling Tool.
Manage Automated Email Recipients
  • Manage who, from your onsite team, receives automated emails regarding schedule changes and One-on-One appointment requests.
Update Boardroom Questions
  • Ask specific questions of the Executives in your Boardroom presentation (this is a digital questionnaire).
  • Changes can be made through the settings tab of the Scheduling Tool.
One-on-One Requests
  • The week before StorePoint Retail (February 5-9), your Company will be able to accept/decline additional One-on-One requests made by Executives.
  • At noon on Saturday, February 10th (time zone) your Company will be able to send additional One-on-One requests.
Check Check
Add/View Notes
  • Input your notes/next steps from a Boardroom or One-on-One meeting.
  • Also allows for general Event notes taken during meals or networking sessions.
  • With a click of a button; notes can be emailed to you.
Check Check
View Boardroom Results
  • Chain Executives will rate your Boardroom presentation and will be responding to your digital questionnaire after each of your Boardroom presentations.
  • View your average rating and comments given as well.
  • View real time Overall Event Averages through the Scheduling Tool.
Check Check
Peer Meeting Requests
  • Schedule to meet with any of your fellow Suppliers between your Boardroom presentations.
  • Scheduling must be completed through the Scheduling Tool, however your confirmed meetings can also be viewed on the mobile app.
Check View scheduled meetings only


Scheduling Tool:


  • In Part 2 of registration, your Company made 5 One-on-One appointment requests. Chain Executives also made requests.
  • CPMG has and will continue to book all appointments for which a Chain Executive confirms.
  • CPMG respectfully requests that Suppliers refrain from reaching out to Chain Executives to schedule One-on-One appointments, as the Chain Executives have asked us to manage their schedules.
  • Your schedule is currently in read only mode. The week before StorePoint Retail, (February 5-9) your Company will be able to accept/decline additional One-on-One requests made by Executives.

Mobile App:

(Search CPMG Connect! in the App Store or Google Play)

  • Your company is allowed 5 outgoing requests at any time. As soon as one request is answered, you can make another.
  • Your onsite team will receive a notifications regarding schedule requests, responses, etc.
  • There are approximately 8-9 One-on-One meeting times each afternoon, Monday and Tuesday.
CPMG Connect!
Please update to the latest version, if you have attended a previous Event.

Please let John Hurley, our Sales Director, or Emily Wangler know if we can be of any assistance as you prepare for StorePoint Fashion 2018