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HotelPoint’s platform helps hotel Executives connect with valuable Suppliers in architecture, construction, design, engineering, and renovation. With over 150+ top-level decision-makers and 120+ innovative Suppliers, you’re sure to build relationships and make connections that will move your business forward and help you for years to come.

What makes HotelPoint stand out is its exclusive boardroom sessions and one-on-one meetings, which help to establish a more intimate and specialized rapport with Suppliers. You won’t find any smoke and mirrors here—we tailor HotelPoint to meet your needs and ensure you get the most out of your time in just 2.5 days!


“This is by far the best event for hotel executives and suppliers, aligning needs and maximizing time spent together.”

– Aimbridge, Senior Vice President, Design and Construction

Choice Hotels

“HotelPoint is the only Event of its type that I recommend to my colleagues because I always leave the event with new knowledge and new contacts that I will actually use.”

– Choice Hotels, Director, Partner Services

HR Construction Group

“Many attending executives were people and companies we could never seem to meet at other conferences or personalized meeting invitations. The casual environment was the perfect setting for starting relationships that will undoubtedly lead to future opportunities.”

– HR Construction Group, National Director, Business Development


“The executives are truly on the search for new and innovative products to make their properties better. Building relationships, proving value, and achieving ROI are there for the taking. HotelPoint is a truly unique experience for a supplier.”

– Omnis, President

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