September 29 – October 2, 2024
Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress
Orlando, Florida

Innovating the Restaurant Environment

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“Hand down the most efficient, effective and substantial Return on investment. It would not be possible to travel to meet with each of these individuals along with obtaining their undivided attention for the cost and experience that CPMG provides.”


“Most effective and efficient conference I have ever attended for conducting real business, as opposed to just company awareness. “


“It’s rare to get the undivided attention of an executive or a supplier today and Restaurant Point is set up to achieve just that. Refreshing. “

Bluetree Casework LLC

“As a first time attendee, this was undoubtedly a homerun! Opportunities were everywhere, and the event was exceptionally organized. A great investment overall! “

Choice Traditions, Inc.

“Having attended as a Chain Executive and Supplier for three years, if you can choose only one conference to attend each year, this is the one you can’t miss! It’s that good.”

GPD Group

“RestaurantPoint is the best event of it’s kind. The relationships that we have established will last for years to come. “

Royal Seal Construction, Inc.