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#6: Boardroom Presentation/Presenter

We encourage you to connect with Sharmila Patel, here at CPMG to have her review your presentation.

RJ can offer you his experience in having seen what works in this setting.


  • What does your company do?
  • What differentiates you from your competition?


  • Highlight your Company’s innovations!
  • Share tangible results: use case studies, highlight your expertise.
  • If a current customer is in the Boardroom and you would like to use them as a case study, their permission is necessary – please contact Sharmila prior to adding them to your presentation.
  • Include key industry data points that support your offerings (don’t drown them in statistics).
  • Articulate your understanding of the current challenges (if any) in your environment.
  • If possible, make your presentation interactive with the group.


  • Summarize key point(s).
  • Suggest next step.
  • Q&A needs to be covered in your 20 minutes.


Confident Expert

  • Confidently and effortlessly speaks to your business. Not a sales pitch, rather an executive level presentation.
  • Is well-rehearsed; does not read notes.
  • Smoothly transitions; and comfortable in front of an audience.
  • Communicates the Company’s interest and excitement about the message.

Engages Audience

  • Is interactive – a lively presenter captures attention and makes the material more interesting.
  • One that speaks with conviction; conveys confidence.
  • Is creative – varies the pace to help maintain interest.
  • Is prepared for the unexpected – quiet group vs. full of questions and can adapt easily.

Body Language

  • Is conscious of distracting habits; throat clearing, saying “um”, “like” etc.
  • Able to change voice tone and rate of speech to emphasize particular points.
  • Makes eye contact, shows interest in others and conveys warmth and credibility.
  • Smiles, it’s contagious!

Refer to pages 5-6 in the Planning Guide for further information on these items.

Please let Stacie Goddard know if we can be of any assistance as you prepare for HotelPoint 2018