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#1: Welcome to the Event! Event Portal Details

Welcome to the Event!

We would like to formally welcome you as an attendee to HealthPoint 2019, to be held September 22-25 at the Gaylord Rockies Resort in Aurora, Colorado.

Ellen Kelly will be your Company’s main point of contact for the Event, providing logistic details, as well as guidance as your team prepares your strategy for the Event.

To cut down on the amount of email communication you are receiving, we have created a location in the Portal where we will make weekly posts of the information that was formerly the “Email Series”. New posts will be uploaded to the Portal on Mondays and/or Wednesdays – be sure to log in every few days to get the latest posts!

The series will cover:

  1. Welcome to the Event
  2. Hotel/Sunday Optional Activities
  3. Boardroom Logistics
  4. One-on-One Logistics
  5. Displaying Marketing Material
  6. Pre-Event Outreach & Contact Details
  7. Shipping & Order Forms
  8. Scheduling Tool & Mobile App
  9. Values to Inspire Success


As an attendee, you now have access to the HealthPoint 2019 Event Portal, which allows you to access the following:

  • TOOL BOX: Pre-Event Resources, including: Planning Guide, Hotel Link, Optional Activity Sign-Up Links.
  • SUPPLIER PLANNING SERIES: Posts #1-10 – a new Post will be added every Monday.
  • TRAVEL: Hotel, Ground Transportation and Dress Code information.
  • SCHEDULE: View your Preliminary Boardroom Schedule & any One-on-One appointments to date.
  • DIRECTORY: Executive and Supplier Confirmed Lists, and the Event Directory.
  • MAPS: Your One-on-One locations and Hotel map.


Event Portal URL:
Username: Your corporate email address.
Password: If you have not received the auto generated email to set your password, or have forgotten the password you have previously created click here: Forgot Password

Please don’t hesitate to contact Ellen Kelly with any questions or concerns.
Ellen Kelly
Direct 603-379-8523 | Main (603) 964-4022