Connecting Point Marketing Group (CPMG) organizes and hosts trade Events for executives in the retail, restaurant, healthcare and hotel industries for innovation.

Each Event is conducted in a business-intensive format that optimizes strategic interaction. We invite you to forge new relationships and improve your business today by attending one of our dynamic Events below.


Innovating Healthcare Planning, Design, Construction and Engineering

Innovating the Design, Construction and Engineering of Senior Living Communities

Innovating the Restaurant Environment

Innovating the Restaurant Experience through Design, Construction and Facilities

Innovating Hotel Construction, Design and Engineering

Innovating the In-Store Experience for Fashion Retail

Innovating the In-Store Experience for Specialty Retail

The Connecting Point for Innovative Retail Technologies

Innovating the In-Store Experience for Fresh Retail

Innovating the Convenience Store Experience

Innovating Retail Construction, Renovation, and Facilities

Innovating Construction, Renovation and Engineering for Convenience Retail