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HotelPoint – is the EVENT that connects Hotel Brand Executive and Owner/Operator Executives responsible for architecture, construction, renovation and engineering for their organizations with innovative Suppliers seeking to innovate and expand their relationships and business.

Conducted in a business-intensive format, HotelPoint is a time tested, strategic trade forum for the Industry. A first class Event, where business gets done.


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MGM Resorts Design & Development

“An impeccably-organized and appropriately-scaled Event with an action-packed, exciting agenda, which promotes and presents many opportunities for focused interactions with leading industry experts, creative thinking among peers, professional growth and unique networking events.”

– MGM Resorts Design & Development


“HotelPoint is a professionally organized, strategically designed opportunity to learn from, meet, and build relationships with a wide variety of leaders in the hotel industry.”

– Hilton


“Regret not being a part of this Event when it was recommended to me a few years ago. A business changing experience!”



“The right clients, the right exposure, the right venues and the right environment for meeting new and existing clients and developing/enhancing relationships.”

– Edwards

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