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#8 Scheduling Tool and Mobile App


Task Description Scheduling Tool
Mobile App
Pre-Event Use
  • View your Company’s Preliminary Schedule and confirmed One-on-One appointments.
  • Use the same login you created for the Event Portal to access the Mobile App.
Check Available
Manage Double Booking Settings
  • Manage your Company’s interest in single or double booking One-on-One appointments.
  • If you have two or more attendees, you may double book a time slot by scheduling up to two One-on-One meetings in the same time slot.
  • Changes can be made through the settings tab of the Scheduling Tool.
Manage Automated Email Recipients
  • Manage who, from your onsite team, receives automated emails regarding schedule changes and One-on-One appointment requests.
Update Boardroom Questions
  • Ask specific questions of the Executives in your Boardroom presentation (this is a digital questionnaire).
  • Changes can be made through the settings tab of the Scheduling Tool starting Monday, September 23rd, at 7am.
One-on-One Requests
  • The week before HealthPoint, your Company will be able to accept/decline additional One-on-One requests made by Executives.
  • At noon (MT) on Saturday, September 21st, your Company will be able to send additional One-on-One requests.
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Add/View Notes
  • Input your notes/next steps from a Boardroom or One-on-One meeting.
  • Also allows for general Event notes.
  • All notes can be emailed to you.
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View Boardroom Results
  • Health Care Executives will rate your Boardroom presentation and will be responding to your digital questionnaire after each of your Boardroom presentations.
  • View your average rating and comments given as well.
  • View real time Overall Event Averages through the Scheduling Tool.
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Peer Meeting Requests
  • Schedule to meet with any of your fellow Suppliers between your Boardroom presentations.
  • Scheduling must be completed through the Scheduling Tool, however your confirmed meetings can also be viewed on the mobile app.
Check View scheduled meetings only


Scheduling Tool (website):

  • In Part 2 of registration, your Company made 5 One-on-One appointment requests. Health Care Executives also made requests.
  • CPMG has and will continue to book all appointments for which a Health Care Executive confirms.
  • CPMG respectfully requests that Suppliers refrain from reaching out to Health Care Executives to schedule One-on-One appointments, as the Health Care Executives have asked us to manage their schedules.
  • Your schedule is currently in read only mode. The week before HealthPoint, (February 5-9) your Company will be able to accept/decline additional One-on-One requests made by Executives.

Mobile App (Search CPMG Connect! in the App Store or Google Play):

  • Your company is allowed 5 outgoing requests at any time. As soon as one request is answered, you can make another.
  • Your onsite team will receive a notifications regarding schedule requests, responses, etc.
  • There are approximately 8-9 One-on-One meeting times each afternoon, Monday and Tuesday.
CPMG Connect!
Please update to the latest version, if you have attended a previous Event.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Ellen Kelly with any questions or concerns.
Ellen Kelly
Direct 603-379-8523 | Main (603) 964-4022